Mt.Marami – Silyang Bato

Silyang Bato

Mt. Marami located within the province of Cavite same as the famous Mt.Pico De Loro is also one of the few favorite mountain of hikers especially for beginners. Situated within the Maragondon Range, this mountain is composed of many rocky cliff which is true to its name “Mt.Marami”

Along with Kenneth’s relative, we went to witness what Mt. Marami has to offer. With a private vehicle from Noveleta, Cavite, it only took us an hour to reach Brgy.Ramirez in Magallanes which is the major jump off point. A minimal fee of 20 pesos is required for registration. Prior to our climb, I already spoke to Sir Joel Vince Custodio, one of the trusted and very accommodating guide in Mt. Marami to help us with our hike since we have beginners in our group. Continue reading Mt.Marami – Silyang Bato


Davao City and the Island Garden City of Samal

Our last day in Mindanao was spent in Davao City. We left Mangagoy as early as 3 AM and surprisingly reached Davao City at 6AM via UV Express. Fare is somewhere between P200 pesos.

We asked the van driver to dropped us off to any point on where we can easily hail a taxi to fetch us to Samal Ferry Wharf. There were 3 or 4 ports to choose but the most convenient one I think is Sta. Ana Wharf. From the port to Samal Island is 10 minutes and the fare is only P10. Click here for Samal Island Ferry Boat Guide. Continue reading Davao City and the Island Garden City of Samal

International Doll House and Bislig Baywalk


On our way back to the hotel, Kuya Cesar dropped us off at Bislig Baywalk so we can do some photo op. It was by far the cleanest bay walk I’ve seen so far! Very simple and well-maintained. May pa food stall din sila at night for people who wants to munch in and enjoy the scenic view. There’s a nearby souvenir shop if you want to buy some goodies for pasalubong.

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Tinuy-An Falls and Hinayagan Cave – The Niagara Falls of the Philippines


As early as 530am, Kuya Cesar was waiting for us downstairs. Very punctual eh. We rode his very cool baliktaran tricycle. Our first destination is Tinuy-An Falls which is often referred to as the little “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”. The road to Tinuy-an Falls is not easy to the point where where he has to change wheels to a single habal habal motorcyle.

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Enchanted River – Truly Enchanting


I’ve been itching to tick this off my travel bucket list and I’m so glad I FINALLY did!!! One of my #travelgoals is to swim and experience the water of this magical river, and boy, no doubt, this river is truly ENCHANTING!

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Bislig City and our Misadventures

This is kind of a big deal for me and I don’t want to mess up our first plane trip together. After finalizing our Surigao Del Sur DIY Itinerary for almost a month, I decided to take Bislig as our first stop.  For those who are planning to explore Surigao Del Sur, and if you are coming from Davao City, this is by far the easiest route to take. From Davao Ecoland Bus Terminal, we took an “ordinary bus” for a bumpy 6 hours ride to Mangagoy, Bislig City. No aircon bus for us because food is life, nag lunch muna kame noh. There’s only two trip for the air-conditioned bus (10:00 AM and 12:00ish PM) So basically, naiwan kame. Fare is roughly P350.

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Alibijaban Island

IMG_0459 (1)

Ever since we started travelling, my good friends and I would always love to try new and unspoiled places. Summer will always be our favorite season to try these hidden gems This led us to spent Summer in Alibijaban Island on the southern part of Quezon Province.

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