I survived Sagada!

I cannot start this blog without saying THANK YOU to all my friends who went with me to Sagada to celebrate my 23rd birthday. (Awwww, tissue please!). I have two different group of friends with me who made my birthday “panata” possible. Again, Thank you.

It started last 2012 when I celebrated my birthday at Calaguas,Camarines Norte. I made a promise to myself that I will celebrate my birthday to places written on my wishlist. So this year, I survived Sagada! January is the coldest month for Sagada. With the help of my cheerful officemate, Ate Dolly, she offered us a very cheap tour that roughly cost P3000/pax (group of 11). The group met at around 10pm at Ortigas in Robinson’s Galleria. We left at around 11pm and went North straight to Baguio for only 4 hours. I’ve read a number of blogs and most them were telling that Baguio is a 6 hours drive from Manila, but not with our driver because we are 2 hours behind. “F1 racing lang ang datingan.”.

We stopped at Baguio to take a break and drove to Sagada afterwards. Again, they say it was a 6 hours drive from Baguio but we only took it for 5 hours, an hour behind this time. I am so thankful that w’re still alive when the driver dropped us off at Sagada. We reached Sagada at around 9 or 10 am. The place we stayed in was Pumpkin’s Place. It’s a transient home that can be rented for P250/head/night. The group opted to rest first after that long drive.

Pumpkins Place

I met this guy named Chris, an Ifugao, one of Saggas tour guide. This group is known in Sagada for tours and spelunking adventures. He helped us arrange our first activity which is Cave Connection or Spelunking. At first I thought it was just a simple cave tour but I was totally wrong. After lunch, we went straight to Sumaguing Cave and started our Spelunking Adventure for 5 hours. It was a nice experience, just be careful with bat shit!

The next day, we went Eco Nature Trekking. On our list, we visited Echo Valley, St.Mary’s Church, the very famous Hanging Coffins, Sagada Weaving, Underground River, and Bokong Falls. After that very tiring trek, we had our dinner at one of the famous restaurant in Sagada which is Yoghurt House. The food is ok for me but their unique Yoghurt recipe is what actually captured my tummy.

We have to leave the next day at around 6am to visit Baguio too. Before Baguio, we dropped ourselves to Banaue to buy vegetables. Veggies in Banaue is cheaper than Baguio’s. After buying all our pasalubongs,we went home at around 10pm. It was really a memorable experience and indeed a memory worth keeping. I hope next year will be a year of excitement for me. Next birthday stop: Out of the Country. Char!


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