Hundred Islands

Pangasinan is known to be the major producer of  salt in the Philippines and their major product is “bagoong” and “alamang”.We had a chance to visit the place last summer of 2012. The tour was handled by a travel agency with a little help from my cousin.

We left around 2am from Manila and reached Pangasinan town proper at around 7am. Went straight to our first stop, St.James the Great Parish Church in Bolinao, Pangasinan. The church was built in 1609. It looks really old and was heavily damaged by typhoon Emong last 2009.

Pangasinan 1Pangasinan 2

Next stop was Cape Bolinao Lighthouse at Patar, around 30 – 45 minutes drive from the church. The lighthouse rises 351 feet above see level. It was built by the Americans in 1903 and still send signals to vessel passing by. The lighthouse can give you a majestic panoramic view of the surrounding island.

After our lighthouse tour, we went back to Patar Beach to take our lunch. The place was so relaxing, with its pristine water and fine white sands, it’s a place where you can enjoy a day with your family.

After lunch, our tour driver drove us all the way to Villa Antolin where we spent our night. It’s a hotel for travelers on tight budget.We picked Villa Antolin because it’s near a small port where boats can take you to Hundred Islands directly- the highlight of the tour.

We had our breakfast by 7 am, fixed ourselves and then went straight to Hundred Islands. The tour guide said that we can only visit 4 commercialized/accessible islands. First drop was at Governor’s Island. It’s actually the famous island among the other because this is where PBB shoot their last episode with Gerald and Kim. The PBB house can be rented but no idea of their daily rates.

Next stop was Cuenca Island. There’s nothing to see on Cuenca Island aside from a small cave leading to the other part of the island.

Marcos Island has a heart bombing 70 feet drop diving spot! We didn’t let a minute passed by, so we ran after the spot and tried it. At first, I was hesitant to try it, seeing how high and how deep the water is, but being an adventurous lass, I jumped, and did it thrice!

After that very tiring exhibition, we went to Quezon Island to take our lunch. But before Quezon Island, our tour guide led us to a diving spot on where you can see and feed the fish. Geared with our snorkeling equipment, we dived and enjoyed the view. It was that moment when I realized how great HE is for creating such an amazing craft.

Our lunch was hosted by our tour guide at Quezon Island. This island is for kids who wants to enjoy the water. It has some spot as well on where you can dive but only for professional swimmers. They wanted to go back to the hotel but we insisted to go back to Marcos Island for another fun diving moment. It was a fun-filled adventure and a very memorable experience for me. Nothing beats happiness when you are with your family!


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