Kwebang Lampas

kwebang lampas

I am glad to have spent my summer escapade with my “new” but not so new friends. We call ourselves “Puza”. I don’t know the story behind the name “Puza” (kahit dapat “pusa” yon lol ) because I just recently joined the group. Being with them makes me feel like I am part of their college stories. Walang “OP” moments with them.

I’ve researched a lot about Kwebang Lampas since it’ll be my first time to plan a DIY trip. Travel Budget is only P1000, a cheap way to spend a nice and fun adventure. We left at exactly 1 am and rode a bus going to Calauag, Quezon- the easiest way to go to Pagbilao, Quezon. Fare from Alabang to Calauag is P195 only. The bus dropped us of at the street crossing Pagbilao Market (Pagbilao Town Proper) at exactly 6 am. You also have an option to ride bus bound to Lucena (Grand Terminal) and there are jeeps available at the terminal that can take you to Pagbilao Market.

From Pagbilao Market, ride a jeep going to Brgy. Polo, fare is P35. TIP: There are people in Pagbilao Market that might suggest and offer banka going to Kwebang Lampas directly, but the price will cut off your wallet, so don’t be hypnotized if you’re on a tight budget. Jeepney ride from Pagbilao Market to Brgy. Polo is around 45 minutes. From Brgy. Polo, we rode a tricycle going to the lake. Fare is P200 which is a bit pricey.

Ate Gemma is the caretaker of the island. You can contact her at (09475911630). We paid her P100 each for an overnight stay and P20 for the small boat to cross the lake (back and forth). You need to trek for 15-20 minutes to reach Kwebang Lampas after crossing the lake.

The island is crowded and the shoreline is short. The water is clear and the sand is white. The place is ideal if you wanted to beach camp with your friends and with your family. If you want quality time and peace, better visit Kwebang Lampas on it’s off peak season. By the way, they don’t have accommodations here. They have cottages that you can rent for P300-500. There are stores available in the island as well but they don’t sell drinking water.They only sell fresh water (nawasa) for P50. They have comfort and shower rooms for your convenience.

Kwebang LampasKwebang Lampas 2

I did enjoy the stay at Kwebang Lampas. The sad part was seeing the dead and abused coral reefs. Be extra careful  with the jelly fish and sea urchins though.

We spent the night drunk. It was epic and fun. I hope to have another “pussy” adventure in the future, I know there will be some, so it’s time to save and kill the piggy bank.

Kwebang Lampas 3

Option 1
Bus from Alabang – Calauag, Quezon
Tell the bus driver to drop you off at Pagbilao Town Proper- P195 (3-4 hours)

Option 2
Bus from Alabang to Lucena (Grand Terminal) – P170 (3-4 hours)
Grand Terminal – Pagbilao Market – P12

Pagbilao Market – ride a jeep going to Brgy. Polo – P35 (45 minutes)
Brgy Polo – ride a tricycle going to the lake – P200 (5-10 minutes)
Banka to cross the small lake – P20 (back and forth) (3 minutes)

Overnight Camping Fee – P100
Freshwater – P50


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