Borawan Island


The next morning, we headed straight to Borawan Island and spent the rest of the afternoon there. Borawan Island is a bit of entertaining than that of Dampalitan. It has good looking cottages, beach volley court and kayaks.
They even have a security guard to ensure everyone is safe. I’ve been to different islands, but it’s my first time to see a secty guard on an island. Hehe. Borawan Island has a small cliff to climb and jump too. So, as a self-proclaimed adventurer, I didn’t let chance passed by. By the way, I call my “jump off” pictures as Flash Bomba. Hehe

We left Borawan Island at around 2PM and then went back to Dampalitan to fix our things. Instead of getting a shower at Dampalitan for a drum of water worth 400 pesos which will be divided to 9 people, Mamang Bangkero offered us to just take a shower at the house of Ate Vanessa’s neighbor for only 20 pesos (unlimited water pa) Haha!

borawan 2

It was really a fun break for everyone. The islands may not be as pristine as the ones I’ve been before but it was the people I am with which made the trip unforgettable and worth remembering. We are planning to go out again this summer, and I can feel the vibes of excitement again. To more adventures!


1. Ride a bus or van going to Lucena Grand Terminal.
Travel time: 3-4 hours
Fare: P210 (from Alabang/Cavite/Manila)

2. From Lucena Grand Terminal, ride a bus bound to Unisan.
Travel time: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Fare: P35

3. Drop off point is Padre Burgos (bayan) and look for the tricycle terminal.

4. Ride a tricycle going to the port.
Travel time: 5 minutes
Fare: P10

Other fees:
P50 – Dampalitan Island entrance fee (overnight)
P200 – tent fee
P850 – cottage fee
P40 – clean water per gallon
P400 – clean water per drum
P80 – Borawan Island entrance fee

Contact Person for Boat Rental:
Vanessa – 0915-106-7594
Dampalitan Island caretaker: 0919-530-6590


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