Palaui Island

Palaui Island is a natural beauty engaged with its utmost and amazing landscape and unique islands situated in the most northern part of Cagayan Valley. I am writing this post to share our DIY trip to Palaui Island 🙂

This trip was not exactly planned the way we plan our usual DIY trips. We went last June 2015 in the midst of holiday rush without reserving a ticket prior to our planned date and time. Decided to go for a bus ride going straight to Tuguegarao via Victory Liner (Kamias) but failed to reserve tickets as all trips were fully booked. We went to the next bus terminal and tried our luck with Florida Bus Line but to no avail. The only bait to catch is to be a chance passenger. Our group decided not to as this trip will be one hell of a ride. So, we ended up staying in Quezon City for a night to rest and headed straight to Sampaloc the next morning to book a ride to Tuguegarao. Lesson learned: Always book your trip ahead of time!!! It was a numbing 15 hours bus ride. From 10 AM to 1AM – Sampaloc to Tuguegarao. Fare is about P600 to P700. The nightmare did not stop from there. From Tuguegarao, we went for another 3 hour bus ride bound to Sta.Ana, Cagayan. Fare is P215.

Last stop is at the Market. We bought our essentials (food, water and booze) before heading to San Vicente Port. From San Vicente Port, we met Kuya Edwin, a local of Palaui Island ( contact numbers : 09269064657 | 09161165850 ). We hired his boat using the standardized boat rates. We took the Special Trip (Punta Verde + Cape Engaño + Crocodile + Anguib Beach ) for P3500. Good deal for a group of 5!

After 45 minutes to an hour of boat ride, we finally reached Palaui Island. At last! We went straight to Punta Verde to drop our things off and cooked meals for lunch. I met Ate Elsa ( contact number: 09052832559 ) and arranged our overnight homestay. Her house has two rooms which is good for 8 people. Rate is P250/day. Pitching tents outside her house is also allowed. Ate Elsa can also cook meals for you. After some few rest and lunch, we went straight to Cape Engaño. It’s only 30 to 45 minutes from Punta Verde. Camping near Cape Engaño or the lighthouse is now prohibited. The only option is to stay at Punta Verde. We walked on the side of the beach up until we reached the lighthouse under the scorching heat of the sun. No group is allowed to trek without a guide. It was only a short trek but everyone was all exhausted. As soon as we reached the lighthouse, I can’t help but take a picture of how amazing it was.

The lighthouse speaks history. The ruins and the beautiful scenery surrounding us just made me think “Is this how Batanes looks like?” It was just a short trip to Cape Engaño Lighthouse as we only have limited time to visit our itinerary.

We went to Anguib Beach to relax a bit. It was almost an hour boat trip from Cape Engaño. It struck me as soon as I saw the shoreline. It was the same feels I had when I saw Calaguas. It has a short shoreline but the sands are damn powdery fine. We have to pay P100 each for the beach entrance. We looked for a shaded area to rest and drink our beers. I’ve heard that you can also stay overnight at Anguib Beach. A little bit pricey than that of Punta Verde but I think the view is worth paying for. We only stayed there for an hour or two as we still have to visit one more spot, Crocodile Island. Unfortunately, my phone went dead right after leaving Anguib Beach. No pictures for me at Crocodile Island 😦

After our island hopping, we went back to Punta Verde to sleep. Haha. No booze night for the dead tired people. The next morning, our boat is ready to fetch us back to San Vicente Port. Part of our itinerary was to visit Callao Cave as soon as we’re back to Tuguegarao but we have to make it to the bus terminal by 4PM before we get bumped off. Hahaha. We left Tuguegarao at 4PM and arrived at Manila the next day around 7 AM. Going back home, was still one hell of a ride. We definitely would like to go back but not through land. We all learned our lessons :p

Palaui Island ranks 3rd on my list. The uniqueness of it’s beauty marks a spot on my “lonely planet” fantasies. It’s an unforgettable experience. I am lucky enough to have friends who share the same passion with me. I guess this rule will always apply, “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time”


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