Laperal White House, Baguio

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I’ve been out of the metro every month. My fernweh feels is driving me insanely crazy. Instead of reading emails and committing myself to work, you can find me reading travel blogs and browsing Google Maps to look for my “Where To Next? list. Productive? Yes it is.

It was a call for another adventure with my  new and “consistent” (in all fairness) travel buddy. By the way, I think it’s time for me to introduce him online. Lol.

Everyone, may I introduce to you … John P. of  Makati City (insert slow clap)

Japoy 1

Fast Fact: He once told me that he was a frustrated traveler. He’d like to go places but no one to travel with. I am glad that I was able to open and introduce the nomadic world to him. Although I was a bit afraid and stressed at first. It was a “slowly but surely” move for me, trying not to overwhelm him. I took him to Boracay first. It was a pleasure visit but on a tight budget still.

I wanted to let him crave for beautiful island. So right after Bora, I took him to Jomalig in Quezon Province. Haha. It was a rapid switch from leisurely travel to full blown traveling the smart backpacker way. It was traumatic for him but I wanted to let him experience how I travel and how I seek adventure. 

A little close to nature this time. I thought I should give my self a little break from all the beach and island longing I felt the past few weeks. Anyways, I’ve been to Baguio once last 2011. I was a tourist then, not a “traveler”. I was not paying attention and was really not that interested of what Baguio can offer, except for the weather (of course). I thought it would be exciting for me to go back and experience the beauty of Baguio this Summer.

Jel 1

We took the byaheng Norte of Victory Liner. From their Cubao Terminal, we took the 12:20 PM schedule to Baguio via Dau for only P455. It was a smooth ride. It has 3 bus stops (Pampanga, Tarlac and Pangasinan). Travel time is a total of 5 and a half hours.

We reached Baguio at exactly 5:30 PM. I didn’t expect that the weather would be that freezing cold, I thought it would be bearable but it was not. The moment I hopped off the bus, my mouth was quivering uncontrollably. That’s because I wore short shorts and plaid shirt plus I forgot to bring my jacket with me. Alright, that explains it. Sometimes my brain refuses to think, like it’s lost in a fog.

Okay, enough with the Science of Stupidness. From Victory Liner terminal,  we rode a taxi to Trancoville (our homestay location). The place is only 5 to 10 minutes from Baguio Plaza. I found it online thru OLX, though I prefer AirBnb. Our host was kind and accommodating. We owned the whole unit. It has its own kitchen, comfort room, and a living room converted to a bedroom. It’s a pretty decent unit for P350/head/night.

I am proud to say that I was able to keep up with our itinerary. No miss and skip! We did a side trip at  Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral or better known as Baguio Cathedral.

Baguio Cathedral

After Cathedral, we headed straight to Laperal White House which is only 15 minute walk from the church. It’s located near 50’s Diner along Leonard Wood Road. Gate opens at 9 am with a minimal entrance fee of P50/head. It was built in 1920 and used to be owned by the Laperal Clan. During the war, Japanese used their garage as a temporary garrison for brutal acts, torture and killings. According to legends, the owner of the house died after the accidental slipped of his head in the front yard of the house. There’s only the two of us when we visited the house and it was covered in silence. I was acting like a courage dog when in fact I am not. My mind is fucked with all the hearsay and stories about the house. Japs was disabled at that moment. For no apparent reason, he became mute. I tried building conversations with him, but he would only utter a word or two. He still managed to be a supportive friend, he took pictures of me though I can see how disturbed he is. Haha! By the way,  the garage is now a Bamboo Gallery for all bamboo enthusiast with Lucio Tan being the new owner of the property. A piece of cake for this filthy rich man.

Laperal 1Laperal 7laperal salaLaperal 3Laperal 2

Next stop, Bell House Museum and Camp John Hay.

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