Old Diplomat Hotel

Diplomat Hotel

Last stop was the Old Diplomat Hotel located at Dominican Hill. Way back then, the famous haunted hotel serves as a vacation house for Dominican Priests.

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Inside view of the Diplomat Hotel. This fountain is where most children were beheaded and massacred.

It became a school too and a place for people who seeks faith healing from Tony Agpaoa who eventually became the manager of the hotel. After his untimely death due to stroke, the hotel was neglected and abandoned.

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According to hearsay it is now a nook of dead people who died during the war or probably patients who sought healing but didn’t make it. The place was not that eerie after all, probably because it projects more of its history side and who would be scared at 2 in the afternoon?

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We won’t leave Baguio not until I experience Session Road. This is Baguio’s eat street. Our first night was a complete bummer. Wait, did I mention that we ate at Chowking? Yes. we did. I mean, we’re in Baguio already. Once in a while, or at least for every travel, you have try their well kept secrets! Thanks to Rappler for suggesting the “must try” restaurants in Baguio. We tried Solibao on our second night, the one located in Session Road (we saw the other branch near Burnham Park). Wrong move. Why? I ordered Kare-Kare ( I have high standards for kare-kare, it’s my all time favorite comfort food ) and boy I was one sad camper. Their food was dry and tasteless. I had bad colds that night and I need to pull off an extra effort to taste their food. Japs had Pork Barbecue and I must say that street style bbq is much better.

We picked Pizza Volante at Session Road for our lunch on our second day. We had Kenny George pizza (best seller), Sizzling Liempo (you can never go wrong with pork) and Beef Kebab. Price of the food ranges from P100-250. It’s really affordable and food is 8/10 for me.


Do not miss the night flea market at Harrison Road. It starts at 9pm. This is the by far the cheapest for wag wag, jackets, branded shoes and bags. The other end of the road is a great stroll if you want to fill your hungry tummies with street foods. Just be extra careful with pickpockets as the road gets real crowded.

It was indeed a fun-filled trip! Glad that we did not miss a spot on our itinerary. Until then, Baguio.



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