Mt. Balingkilat (Traverse to Nagsasa Cove)



I was told that the trail was hard and it’s going to be a very tough climb. I said “That’s fine, I’m IN!” Before the climb, I had to prepare myself by running 10K 2-3 times a week. Parusa sya but it’s worth it (Di lang pangpapayat, pang-Akyat pa :p)

A friend asked me if it’s alright that I will be the only girl in the group. Kinda hesitant at first, but I trust my friend, so I said okay, no problem with me. I only knew two guys among the group (the other guy is my boyfriend now :p) I am not a mountaineer, so it was really awkward meeting these guys who have conquered and more of a pro when it comes to climbing mountains. Pero, go with the flow lang ako.


From Manila, we reached the Subic Town Police to send our permit to climb. Sitio Cawag is the jump off point at dito ko nasabi na “Tignan natin kung anong pinasok ko”

We started at 3 am and on the first part of the trail you’ll be greeted by tall grasses that can cut your legs and your face. Good thing I was geared with an arm warmer and a headwear to protect my face. 4 hours to summit and the trail is getting more challenging. I just noticed that I was passing by open ridges, sharp boulders and rocky slopes.

The summit gave me a breathtaking view of the neighboring mountains and the coastal of Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove. It was really awesome and was enough for me to forget the hardship of the trail going to top.


We have to rest a bit at the summit before descending. With a little amount of shade to no trees to provide shade at all, I have to endure the scorching heat of the sun who is starting to fire up at 9 AM.



My knees were starting to shake up after 2 hours of descent. I can’t step or move my legs. I then asked myself “Why are you doing this? What’s wrong with your fucktard mind?” But then I also answered “Gaga ka, wala kang choice, ginusto mo yan.”

After getting over-exposed to the sun and the trekking endless open and stiff ridges, we finally made it to Nagsasa Cove by 1 PM.


The view of the ocean was such a big relief. Hell yeah, I did it and I have conquered Mt. Balingkilat!


Before heading back to Manila, we still had time to explore the neighboring islands. I got to see Camara Island and Capones Island which is both stunningly beautiful.


The experience is one for the books. It was an outstanding achievement for me. Not just because I was able to finish the trail but I was able to witness one of HIS majestic creation.



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