Mt. Makiling Traverse (Sto.Tomas-Los Baños)

IMG_2846“Hindi mo na tinigilan ang pag-akyat!” Yes, I know. I got so addicted. I don’t know. It’s probably because I wanted to try myself on a different type of outdoor activity.

I was warned that I need to protect myself from the friendly limatiks or blood leeches. They are everywhere Mt. Makiling and I am not excited to see them.

Another major climb for me means another “parusa sa sarili”. Being the flower among the torns, I have to keep up my pace and iwas pabebe muna.

IMG_2660Started ascent at 8 am. I was being observant at first, not the with the trail but with myself, “baka nilalamatik na ako” but the guide told us that aggressive limatiks are dominant in Station 10 and 11.


The most challenging dayhike I must say. Segmented ropes and endless assault, countless bend and crawls that’s what Mt. Makiling is for me. Our nice guide told us that from Peak 2 it will just be a very smooth descent to Agila Base. Uhm, Kuya – hindi po. LOL.

IMG_2716We walked 3 KM down to end the traverse, Walang tigil na paglalakad, for 2 hours. I can sense that my legs were moving involuntarily. I don’t know, parang kusa na lang syang naglalakad, haha.

IMG_2880The light at the end of the road was the sign for me that I did conquer Mount Makiling. Thankful that my knees did not gave up on me. I had a great time with my hiking buddies too. Another one for the books I must say. So long, Mt. Makiling



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