Mt. Pico De Loro


I never thought I will love trekking mountains as much as I love swimming at the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve tried this kind of activity. Thanks to one of my friend for re-introducing this to me. I finally said YES after his few attempts of asking If I wanna join him with one of his climb.


Okay, baby steps first. Mt. Pico de Loro is my first minor climb. “Pa-bebe climb” sabi nga nila. I wore my most comfortable outfit – “runnning shoes”, normal na panglakad shorts and a dri-fit shirt. All i know is, mapapawisan lang ako and it will be a very long, long walk.


So since most of my friends are from Cavite, it will just be a very short trip for us. If you are from Manila, you just need to ride a bus going to Ternate and tell the driver you’re going to Mt.Pico de Loro, they will drop you off at a tricycle station which can take you to the jump off point.

Here’s a groupie wet picture of us 🙂

Registration of P25 is required upon entering. We ascended at 8 AM and reached the camp site at almost 12 noon. Kind of a good pace for us first timers. The climb for me was not a joke. I was panting like a crazy dog.


The real challenge was climbing the monolith but the reward at the top is surreal. I had the best 360 degree view of Batangas and Cavite. It was beautiful up there. It felt like I was on top of the world.  It was a winning moment for me not until the rain started to pour down which made our trail going down more difficult than usual.



We’ve finished the trail going back at 5:30 PM. Everyone was exhausted but it was a fun climb! I wanted to try another climb and test my power and endurance. I told myself, okay, let’s try one more and let’s do a major climb! (Agad-agad)

Next climb: Mt Balingkilat Traverse to Nagsasa Cove (gusto mo yun? LOL)


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