South Cebu

OMG, senior moments here, wait, Uhm. Shet! I can’t remember how I got the tickets to Cebu 😦 Oh okay, I remember now. ZE BFF booked a ticket for me along with the officemate friends to Cebu for only P1000 pesos (2 way ticket) oh diba, hindi na masama. Haha
SPOILER UPDATE: For some motherfudging reason, our pictures from this trip uploaded on Google Drive went missing in action. I don’t have raw copy of the pictures. I don’t know where the F they went. Please forgive me for I can only do more. I’m uploading a screenshot of my IG feed – poor me and blessed me.

I had a month of planning and re-organizing our itinerary. From mapping to bookings, name it – ikakasa ko yan. Hahah. I was on a different flight with the bestfriend and another friend who came with us too. So basically, I flew to Cebu alone. I was excited and a bit frightened coz I remember before when I was bumped off by Zest Air on my way to Boracay – boo yah Zest Air! But I did it like a PRO. I arrived at Cebu at 10 PM (flight was delayed for almost 2 hours). Met the bestfriend who’s already waiting for me but not knowing that we still have to play another waiting game to meet our other friend who’ll help us host our first and last night in Cebu (Thank you to the Tita’s and Tito’s of Diane if you guys are reading this :p)
Okay first stop is Canyoneering in Badian. I’ve waited soooo long to try this. I remembered Googling some photos when it was first opened to public and geez I was one happy camper! From Cebu City Proper we rode an ordinary bus at South Bus Terminal going to Bato via Barili (I’ll post our IT and Expenses for this trip) which will pass by Badian. We booked our canyoneering activity with Highlands Adventure. It’s a total of a 5 hour activity – with all the trekking and unlimited cliff jumping. I was amazed with how the colors of the water came up saturated blue. It was majestic and unbelievable. Dito masarap makinig ng Waterfalls by TLC, LOL

It took us the whole day to enjoy Badian, we wanted to visit Osmeña Peak but we only have limited time left so we just spent our night at Oslob in prep for our Whaleshark Watching and Sumilon Island. If you are on a tight budget, I highly recommend LUZMIN BH LODGING. I got our room for two nights which is already good for 4 persons for only P1000. It’s kubo style but decent. The only downside is you’ll have to drive 15 to 20 mins to Tan a-wan to reach the whaleshark activity location. Thanks to Kuya Buboy for hosting this and for the hatid-sundo service via Angkas, charot! Habal- habal style 🙂

Whaleshark activity starts at 6 OR 7 AM. The activity is set by group, we took the first batch para hindi masyadong mainit (wow ang puti ko). Fee is 500 per head for 20-30 mins of whaleshark watching. I was excited to see these gentle giants not until I saw them face to face, oh boy — NAKAKATAKOT pala! Hahah. I know they are harmless but mygad, it’ different down there. We tried, yes people, we tried to get a decent photo of us with these babies but it was hard. The pressure underwater and the pressure brought by the whalesharks when you see them behind you.

Sumilon Island is just 15 mins away from the whaleshark activity area. You can enjoy the island for P550 per head (that’s boat fare and entrance fee na) The place is superbly beautiful. The water is so damn clear. From afar, it changes it’s hue from blue to turquoise. We spent the rest of our afternoon here then decided to spend another night in Oslob before going back to Cebu City.

We woke up early to catch a bus going back to the city proper. It’s a 3 hours bus drive from Oslob to Cebu. The moment we settled ourselves down, we started our City Tour hosted by our very kind and accommodating foster Tito/Tita, hehe. First stop was Fort San Pedro,Sto.Niño Church, Magellan’s Cross, Temple of Leah then Lapu-Lapu’s Shrine. Bought some pasalubong at Taboan Public Market where you can buy cheap dried fish, squid and even dried mangoes. And oh, don’t forget to try Chorizo de Cebu, it’s omnomly yummy 🙂

Our Cebu adventure was a fun-filled trip. Especially when you have friends who have the same passion for travel. I hope to be back and conquer Northern Cebu next time. I heard they have the nicest beach there. See you in a few CEBU!


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