Maniwaya Island and Ungab Rock Formation


Known as the heart of the Philippines and a place very dear to me ❤ (harot ko po). A total of almost 8 hours of land and boat travel. An exhausting trip but worth it. No question asked why it was names as the Little Gem of the Southwestern Tagalog

Our Lady of Biglang Awa at Balanacan Port



We rode a bus from Buendia going to Dalahican Port. Our drop off point for a 3 hour ferry ride going to Balanacan port situated in Mogpog. From the port, we rode a van going for an hour going to Buyabod Port. Our boatmen was already waiting for us when we arrived there. It was arranged for us by Marikit na Beach Resort (included on the 2 days 1 night package already)

The resort was simple yet very rustic and modern. From what I’ve read, the owners named it Marikit na Beach because they lived in Marikina (very witty eh).

View from our room

Their package include accommodations, full on board meals and island hopping. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Para ka lang nasa bahay, no turista feels at all. They will personally call you or knock on  your door to let you know that meals are already served. Food is okay but madami ang serving. The house has it’s own mini theater too and a big attic that can accommodate 15 pax – bongga diba? But it was under renovation when we went there. I am not sure how many in total ang pwedeng mag check in. As far as I know, they can only accept guest with advance reservation, not sure if pwede walk ins. If you want to inquire about their rates, just follow their Facebook link here — MARIKIT NA BEACH HOUSE

Please ignore that black streak, my camera phone is a total rubbish.
The Big Attic

We were the only guest that day. I felt like we owned the house and the island. LOL. It was a nice escape from all the bustle of Manila The sun was striking hot but the wind was breezingly calm. Super summer feels kahit November pa lang. The only downside of the story was when I got sick on our first night. The night I said Yes to Kenneth. Haha. Not a YES for engagement but a YES – Oo, tayo na ( insert kaharutan here ) I don’t know what happened but I think it was because I went straight to Marinduque after my Bestfriend’s walwalan birthday celebration in Subic. Walang tulog, walang pahinga, puro gala – WanderWoman.

FullSizeRender 11

Palad Sand Bar is just 10 minutes boat ride from our beach house. The best time to visit is 6 or 7 am. You will have full view of the floating sand. It was nice and calmly beautiful. We enjoyed the attraction with two Vietnamese girls who happened to be guests of Marikit na Beach too. I wanted to actually kind of talk oe be friends with them coz they look cute but – No English, Only Viet. Sad life.


Ungab Beach Rock Formation looks stunning in real life. I’ve been seeing this online and on Google but it look different on my naked eye. It was naturally formed by time and God forbid I don’t know how it end up to be a very picturesque rockformation. we spent most of our remaining time here. Swimming and kwentuhan. My phone went dead by the way after I snapped the rock formation – buti na lang pero no pictures of us here

😦 Sad life again


Kenneth enjoying Ungab


The whole 2 days 1 night stay was such a memorable trip for me. Short and bitin but it made us both happy. I am looking forward to travel with him more often. Lagi man siyang nabubulok sa byahe, okay lang yun, looking forward din ako mabulok with him forever ❤



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