Alibijaban Island

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Ever since we started travelling, my good friends and I would always love to try new and unspoiled places. Summer will always be our favorite season to try these hidden gems This led us to spent Summer in Alibijaban Island on the southern part of Quezon Province.

It’s always been part fs my bucket list. My only worry was the  travel time. It will roughly take you 9-10 hours on the road to reach the island. But I’m glad I have friends who’s always on the go for real adventures.

We took the Lucena-San Andres route from Cavite. Fare is P220 to Lucena and P230 to San Andres (from Lucena Grand Terminal). There are buses and van that can take you directly to San Andres Port and from there you can hire a boat direct to Alibijaban Island. I will be posting a snap of our itinerary, sample budget and contacts here.

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We asked the van driver to San Andres to drop us off at the nearest market so we can buy our goods for our 2 days 1 night stay. Masyado maaga ang alas kwatro sa palengke ng San Andres. LOL. It was still close when we arrived. We have no choice
but to wait. If you guys are planning to camp, please buy your foods at the market, wala masyadong ganap na tindahan sa Alibijaban Island.

After buying all our goods, we went to the port which is just a 5-10 minutes walk from the market. I already spoke to Kuya Randy (ang sikat na bangkero ng Alibijaban Island na may kambal na anak na napanood ko sa Biyahe ni Drew na umiinom na
kape, LOL) to fetch us from the port to the island. You can haggle the price pero wag masyadong barat guys. We also met Ate Noemi ( ang pinakaganap na Ate ng San Andres, na tinulungan kaming makahanap ng tubig, yelo at mga gamit na kailangan namin sa island, winner ka Ate Noemi!) and she mentioned that there’s a fixed boat fare and we have to get one from the “PILA”. Okay, medyo naloka ako nga bahagya pero deadma ng team namin and we waited for Kuya Randy to arrive. Keber sa pila. Gora kame sa boat ni Kuya and very Moana lang ang arrival namin sa Alibijaban Island. Boat
ride is just 15-30 minutes from the port.


Our usual routine is to fix our tent first, cook, eat and then walwal na. We opted to explore the island the next day since medyo nabasag na kame that night from the all the biyahe and pag-aalak. LOL. If you want to take a shower, you have to call the “taga-bantay” ng timba coz there’s a minimal fee for every timba or kung ayaw mag-bayad, it’s up to you kung gusto mo side a – side b ka na lang.

We slept early like 7 pm (very tita) then woke up at 6 and went to Bakawan. It was a nice hidden spot which can lead you to the other side of the island na merong floating sand bar. It was calm and serene. Medyo gloomy lang yung weather but the scene is very instagrammable. The water is clean and clear, mababaw lang ung tubig coz I think low tide, medyo mararating mo na yung Burias Island bago pa lumalim ung tubig, charot!


Basta feeling mo lost girl ka and gusto mong makalawa from all the stress, walk ka lang sa shore with your one piece – medyo labas singit, tapos konting awra, Guys – you should visit this place!

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We have to leave early as we need to consider our travel time, after breakfast we want back to the port and rode an ordinary bus going back to Lucena. Pero bago pa yun, Ate Noemi was very kind enough to offer her house para makapag ayos kame and mag-shoWer ng bongga for a minimal fee. Afterwards, we hit the road again, pero minalas lang kase naipit kame sa traffic, so dinner na kame nakarating sa Lucena. Gutom and laputan – laban pa rin!


It’s true when they say na hindi mo mapapansin yung oras and pagod if you are with someone you can truly treasure your experience with. I’ve always enjoy the
company of my Team Tebarts (that’s what we call our group, medyo bastos and mabaho but I super love them!) We all have our own priorities now, matanda na ika nga, once in a while na magkita, pero we still find time to catch up kahit 2 bottles
lang ;p Anyways, I hope to travel with them again real soon!


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