Alibijaban Island

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Ever since we started travelling, my good friends and I would always love to try new and unspoiled places. Summer will always be our favorite season to try these hidden gems This led us to spent Summer in Alibijaban Island on the southern part of Quezon Province.

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Dipaculao Beach and Baler


Baler is one place I wanted to tick off my bucket list. When I feel like I just want to relax and chill, like nakaka-high na chill-medyo bukas isang mata-walwal vibe kind of chill, lagi ko sinasabi, parang ang sarap mag-Baler! LOL

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South Cebu

OMG, senior moments here, wait, Uhm. Shet! I can’t remember how I got the tickets to Cebu 😦 Oh okay, I remember now. ZE BFF booked a ticket for me along with the officemate friends to Cebu for only P1000 pesos (2 way ticket) oh diba, hindi na masama. Haha
SPOILER UPDATE: For some motherfudging reason, our pictures from this trip uploaded on Google Drive went missing in action. I don’t have raw copy of the pictures. I don’t know where the F they went. Please forgive me for I can only do more. I’m uploading a screenshot of my IG feed – poor me and blessed me.

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Apo Reef

apo reef 3

It was a total of numbing 8 hours of travel. Bus-Boat-Bus-Boat and the cycle continues. We met at Batangas port at around 5 PM. We waited for the RO-RO Vessel bound to Sablayan Port to board at around 8:00 PM. Good thing I was dead tired so I just slept the 5 hours travel time to Sablayan Port. As soon as we reached Sablayan port, we waited for our boatmen to dock the boat going to Apo Reef. It was a bit delayed as we have to wait for the boatmen to settle some things first. Finally, after few hours of waiting, we’re ready to see Apo Reef. I asked the boatmen on how long will it take to reach the island, then he said “Mga tatlo or apat na oras po Ma’am!”. Okay, 4 hours. Imagine waking up occasionally to see nothing around but just plain view of the ocean. It feels like forever. Continue reading Apo Reef

Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas

Tingloy Island is just one the minor islets just off the southwest coast of the Batangas mainland. Knowing Batangas with all the famous beach and resorts, Masasa Beach is different. The fine white sand, and the blue green water, it’s a real place you can call your own. Naks!

Actually, I didn’t know about Tingloy at all until Diana, one of my super friends introduced the island to us. The first time we went there, it was November and it was my Best friend’s birthday! Not unlike the previous trips I had, this time, it was planned. Yes! To everyone who is planning to visit the island, the following story will be some reminders and directions. Continue reading Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas