Kwebang Lampas

kwebang lampas

I am glad to have spent my summer escapade with my “new” but not so new friends. We call ourselves “Puza”. I don’t know the story behind the name “Puza” (kahit dapat “pusa” yon lol ) because I just recently joined the group. Being with them makes me feel like I am part of their college stories. Walang “OP” moments with them.

I’ve researched a lot about Kwebang Lampas since it’ll be my first time to plan a DIY trip. Travel Budget is only P1000, a cheap way to spend a nice and fun adventure. We left at exactly 1 am and rode a bus going to Calauag, Quezon- the easiest way to go to Pagbilao, Quezon. Fare from Alabang to Calauag is P195 only. The bus dropped us of at the street crossing Pagbilao Market (Pagbilao Town Proper) at exactly 6 am. You also have an option to ride bus bound to Lucena (Grand Terminal) and there are jeeps available at the terminal that can take you to Pagbilao Market. Continue reading Kwebang Lampas


Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

Dahilayan Adventure ParkDay 3 of our CDO Adventure is a fun-filled tour at Bukidnon! Straight from Camiguin, we went back to Benoni Port going to Balingoan Port. From the port, a van picked us up and dropped us off at Bukidnon, travel time is 2-3 hours.

We had a chance to visit Del Monte’s Pineapple Plantation. It has a vast field of pineapples covering 9000 hectares of land. Its wide area is covered with pineapples from North to South. It has a camp also for Del Monte’s employees and managers. They call it Camp Phillips that has its own amenities like souvenir shops, tennis court, manufacturing plant, playground and the like.

Aside from Del Monte’s plantation, we visited Dahilayan Adventure Park too. They have Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline which we had a chance to try.

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Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro is my first plane trip so I consider this as a highlight of my whole being. Haha. Cagayan de Oro is known as the City of Golden Friendship. It’s almost like a metro area inhibited by thousands of people making them the 10th most populous city in the Philippines. This trip was way back in July and since my domain name has already expired and I was having the time of my life, I was not able to work on my website for months.

Our tour was handled by Flight was on seat sale, so it was a cheap trip. We landed 5pm at Cagayan de Oro Airport and Manong Van fetched and dropped us off at Victoria Suites. It’s not a  5 star hotel nor I can’t say it was 3. It’s an OK hotel for me. We went to Lim Ket Kai, one of the biggest mall in CDO and ate at Golden Cowrie. I would recommend them for the food and the service. Thumbs up for them! After dinner, we opted to go back at the hotel to rest since our call time the next day is 3AM for our CamiguinTrip.

Victoria SuitesGolden Cowrie

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White Island, Camiguin

It’s 3AM and we are all ready for our first adventure! Manong Van fetched us at exactly 3AM (he’s kinda strict about call time) and drove us all the way to Balingoan Port. It was 2-3 hours drive from Victoria Suites. From Balingoan Port, we rode a ferry going to Benoni Port in Camiguin. Fare is around P100-120. It was an hour ferry ride to Benoni Port. From Benoni port, a van with a lady tour guide fetched us and took us at J&A Fishpen for our breakfast. Camiguin is encircled by a national road with a total length of 64 KM and subdivided to 5 municipalities only. Our first stop was Clam Sanctuary. They have the biggest clam on records We were hesitant at first to take the dive tour but the winner was “Minsan lang tayo makakapunta dito, sagarin na natin!”  Diving and swimming is my first love. Those big clams are so adorable, they look scary at first but on the later part of the tour, I’d bet you’ll love them. Continue reading White Island, Camiguin

I survived Sagada!

I cannot start this blog without saying THANK YOU to all my friends who went with me to Sagada to celebrate my 23rd birthday. (Awwww, tissue please!). I have two different group of friends with me who made my birthday “panata” possible. Again, Thank you.

It started last 2012 when I celebrated my birthday at Calaguas,Camarines Norte. I made a promise to myself that I will celebrate my birthday to places written on my wishlist. So this year, I survived Sagada! January is the coldest month for Sagada. With the help of my cheerful officemate, Ate Dolly, she offered us a very cheap tour that roughly cost P3000/pax (group of 11). The group met at around 10pm at Ortigas in Robinson’s Galleria. We left at around 11pm and went North straight to Baguio for only 4 hours. I’ve read a number of blogs and most them were telling that Baguio is a 6 hours drive from Manila, but not with our driver because we are 2 hours behind. “F1 racing lang ang datingan.”. Continue reading I survived Sagada!

Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas

Tingloy Island is just one the minor islets just off the southwest coast of the Batangas mainland. Knowing Batangas with all the famous beach and resorts, Masasa Beach is different. The fine white sand, and the blue green water, it’s a real place you can call your own. Naks!

Actually, I didn’t know about Tingloy at all until Diana, one of my super friends introduced the island to us. The first time we went there, it was November and it was my Best friend’s birthday! Not unlike the previous trips I had, this time, it was planned. Yes! To everyone who is planning to visit the island, the following story will be some reminders and directions. Continue reading Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas