Mt.Marami – Silyang Bato

Silyang Bato

Mt. Marami located within the province of Cavite same as the famous Mt.Pico De Loro is also one of the few favorite mountain of hikers especially for beginners. Situated within the Maragondon Range, this mountain is composed of many rocky cliff which is true to its name “Mt.Marami”

Along with Kenneth’s relative, we went to witness what Mt. Marami has to offer. With a private vehicle from Noveleta, Cavite, it only took us an hour to reach Brgy.Ramirez in Magallanes which is the major jump off point. A minimal fee of 20 pesos is required for registration. Prior to our climb, I already spoke to Sir Joel Vince Custodio, one of the trusted and very accommodating guide in Mt. Marami to help us with our hike since we have beginners in our group. Continue reading Mt.Marami – Silyang Bato


Mt. Pico De Loro


I never thought I will love trekking mountains as much as I love swimming at the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve tried this kind of activity. Thanks to one of my friend for re-introducing this to me. I finally said YES after his few attempts of asking If I wanna join him with one of his climb.


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